Josh Gitersonke – DP – Drone Pilot

I did work with Dinesh on two occasions.  I was shooting a pilot Follow Documentary based on the theory of 6 degrees of separation that went to a bunch of countries. There were two shooting periods during the production was in Nepal. One with all the crew and one with just myself coming back to shoot all the B roll.  Both times Dinesh was a pleasure to work with.  He was always on time, very professional and made shooting in Nepal seem less.  When I came back by myself to get all the B-roll for the show, he was indispensable.  There were a lot of difficult locations and complicated logistics that had to be worked out and Dinesh and his crew made the shoot a pleasure. On that note, all of the guys that Dinesh employees were completely reliable and pleasant to work with.  They were ready and willing to put in the hard work that it took to get all of our gear into the places it needed to be.  I never had to ask someone for help,  Dinesh made sure there was always someone by my side ready and happy to help. Everyone also had some technical knowledge of the gear and I could easily ask his guys that were helping me to get a certain piece of gear or for example, to grab my tripod and when we land in a different location the tripod is put down in the correct position facing the right way and leveled.  It was a pleasure to have help that understood the things that moved the production along instead of created stopping blocks. Any production would be lucky to have Dinesh and his Crew.

Faye Stapleton

There really was nothing we could throw at Dinesh that he couldn’t handle.  We had access to all of the locations we needed, we had all of the local support staff we needed, and he is professional and pleasant to work with.The project looked beautiful and is likely to get picked up by the network – in no small part due to the efforts by Dinesh.

Bart Bakker

The recce for this project, with working title Risky Rivers, was in november and the actual shooting was in december. Dinesh and his team took care of everything and more. They really did deliver an excellent job. All the logistics, permits, contact with the people we wanted in our show, etc were taken care of. Besides being really professional, they also contributed to a fun and relaxt atmosphere during the shooting days. So, if someone thinks of doing a production in Nepal, i would highly recommend him and his team!

Laura Harris – UK

I worked with Dinesh a few years ago on a project with Martin Clunes which we shot in Nepal for ITV. He was absolutely fantastic at finding stories, thinking on his feet, adapting to our changing circumstances and seems to know everyone in Nepal so he can make anything happen! The shoot was a huge success and if you’re looking to shoot in Nepal, you would be foolish NOT to have him on your team. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Sophie Fairs( Producer)

Dinesh & Tripple Are The Dream Team! Great Fixers

Dinesh & Tripple are the dream team! Great fixers, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them to any crew visiting Nepal. We were shooting an hour-long documentary, they helped us find fantastic locations, great contributors, met with NGOs on our behalf, liaised with government officials & secured interviews with top brass in the army. Their contacts are invaluable – they seem to know everyone! From the start we felt confident in their hands, the logistics of the shoot were organised incredibly professionally, vehicles, drivers, permits, flights, food, accommodation – everything went to plan & was organised well in advance. At the end of the shoot we came away with wonderful memories & two friends – they are incredibly professional, but also great fun and nothing is too much trouble – if you’re looking for good fixers in Nepal you won’t go wrong with these guys.

Adrian Seah

Thanks Guys

What can I say as a recommendation because every filmmaker trying to film in Nepal should at least get in touch with Dinesh and Tripple. We shot a TVC in Nepal and these guys found us the most appropriate locations – the kind we had in our minds when storyboarding and also they did a wonderful job in organizing the audition of the characters. It is very easy to work with them as their communication skills are great and above all, they are great company.

Christopher Bruce

Great Filming Trip

We went to Nepal with a great deal of trepidation as regards to our filming trip.We should not have worried at all as Dinesh and Tripple did fantastic work meaning me an my crew turned up, filmed and left – no hassles at all.

They researched our stories for and found us just the right kind of characters to tell these stories and even went above and beyond their call of duty when Dinesh stepped in as the second cameraperson after one of the crew came down with a bug. Excellent to work with, Amazing as friends, which indeed they are – highly, highly recommend them.


Thanks For All Of Your Hard Work In Nepal.

Hi Dinesh and Tripple, we could not have done it without you!I’m going to share our great experience with my TV friends over here in the States and hopefully send some more work your way.

Hope to work with both of you again soon!


Dough Anderson

Nepal Trip So Memorable

We went out filming with Dinesh and his crew in a very remote location in Nepal. In my twelve odd years of filmmaking experience, this certainly was the best I’ve had. Considering the location, it was very exhausting but we captured wonderful scenes for our wildlife film and thanks to the boys, they somehow had a gift for taking us to the right spots where we could film some of the sequences. They are a great bunch to be with, very professional but also very friendly. Thank you for making our Nepal trip so memorable.


Best Documentary And Best Direction

Hello Dinesh and Tripple, we just found out today that the documentary we did in Nepal is up for best documentary and best direction at the Asian TV Awards. A big congrats, you were vital to making it happen and we can only hope this helps with more exposure to the issues in the doc. All the very best, hello to your family as well!

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